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All queries will be treated with respect and a warm welcome awaits you every time

Are you going through a difficult time just now? Do you find yourself wishing you had someone to talk to; someone who won’t judge you or have an opinion; someone who is not involved in what is going on?

It may be that you have lost someone close to you and you are finding it difficult to cope with not having that person in your life anymore. 

Perhaps you have suffered loss in other ways, for instance loss of a relationship, loss of job or home. Maybe things aren’t looking very safe and secure for you at this time.

Has something traumatic happened to you or someone you know? Perhaps you are trying to come to terms with a change in your life that you have no control over. 

Are you considering making a life change and need to talk through the possible consequences of making changes?

It may be that you have suddenly found yourself behaving in a way that is out of your usual character.

Hopefully coming to counselling will restore your confidence, self esteem, and help you to make sense of what is going on for you.


Would you like to talk to someone about what is going on for you?

Jenga Counselling is in a discreet location, in the heart of a residential area in Newcastle upon Tyne where you will be offered confidential listening support to help you through a difficult time. 

Jenga Counselling will provide you with a safe environment to explore what is going on for you and work towards restoring your coping skills to assist you now and in the future.

       You will receive acceptance and be treated with respect at all times. You will be listened to carefully in order to understand what is important to you.

Sometimes it is calm support that is needed from a counselling professional who is there for you.

Come along and meet me for an initial session to find out if we are able to work together in counselling.