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A little bit of background and insight into why we chose the name


The decision to call my counselling business Jenga Counselling began with a personal reason.

Jenga is a fondly used term within my family for my organised clutter. The naming of my 

office as the Jenga room was created by one of my sons when he became comically frustrated each time he got something from a shelf or

cupboard in my office other things would fall on top of him. He coined the phrase 'Mam this is like being stuck in a human Jenga game being in your office' and the name stuck.

When I then began to set up my counselling business it was agreed that Jenga Counselling would be an appropriate memorable name to call it. I put the idea out to trusted friends

and colleagues and received some wonderful feedback, one of which I have included below. I used this particular one as it captures all that I was attempting to get across in the name Jenga Counselling.

Gill Powton

I love the 'Jenga' concept because life is like a game of Jenga! There's lots of blocks making a strong tower but if one of those blocks is removed or out of sync then the tower could fall... and you do try to keep the tower together but sometimes that block just slips too far and before you know it your tower (life) as you know it is falling apart... and that's where you the builder (counsellor) comes in to help them rebuild their tower. - Sarah Forrest